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September 27, 2009

Children’s Myths

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My kid lost a tooth recently.  We only realized it when she started talking about the tooth fairy and how she hasn’t been around to collect the tooth yet.  My daughter is old enough to suspect that there are no such things as tooth fairies but we, the parents, still try to hold on to the pretense that there is.

I wonder why.  There is no logical reason for us to do so.  Admitting that there is no such thing would definitely make our lives easier.  (It’s really hard digging under the pillow for a little tooth without waking up the kid especially as they grow older and the head gets bigger and heavier).

So why do we bother with pretending that there is a tooth fairy, Father Christmas, etc?  (Asking this question, I just realized that I do not pretend that the Easter Bunny exists – perhaps because the hiding of Easter Eggs is not commonly practiced here in Singapore).  I believe that we started the pretense of the existence of the tooth fairy as a way of giving the kids some little excitement in their life and making the losing of the tooth an happy occasion and not a scary one.

Father Christmas?  Well, that always keeps the kids well behaved around the end of the year. 🙂  Its also an excuse for everyone to get presents and see the smiles on the faces on Christmas morning.

Of course, as they grow older, they will one they discover the truth.  Will they at that time feel that we have been lying to them their whole lives?  I hope not.  I hope that they understand that this is part of the magic of childhood that we are trying to give them for as long as possible.


September 22, 2009

The Gift of Sight

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Woke up this morning and a thought crossed my mind.  What if I lived in the past before the invention of spectacles.  With my high level of astigmatism, I am effectively blind beyond a few meters and would only be able to read by pressing the book right up against my face.  It made me wonder what happened to those like me in the past.  We would not have been able to do work beyond simple menial chores.  Any work involving details would be out of our reach not because we were incompetent but simply because we could not see clearly.

There are still people like that out there in the world today.  People who simply cannot afford a pair of spectacles and/or do not have access to what we consider basic technology.  Can you imagine what the gift of sight would mean to them.  It would be like a miracle to be able to see once again.

I see some optometrists who have a donation box asking for our old glasses.  I have been carrying around an old pair of mine but never seem to pass by one of those donation boxes when I am carrying it.  (Then again, I could always make an effort to go down to my optometrist and drop it off but like so many people, I do not make that extra effort for whatever reason).

September 18, 2009


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There was a person at the office who just gave birth and when it came to pooling money together for a gift for the newborns, I was not invited to share.

Such things leave a sour taste in my mouth.  It is never nice to be excluded for such simple things.  I can understand when I am not in the inner circle (the boss usually isn’t) but it is sad when people feel that they should leave you out for such simple things.

I am sure that they have their reasoning but I also believe that it is a reasoning that would not be able to survive scrutiny.

September 14, 2009


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My kid wanted to go down to the park to play with his lantern this evening but we did not go down because we were not sure whether it was still the month of the Hungry Ghosts and playing with lanterns may attract the wrong type of attention.

Strange that we would think this way but I guess the culture still exists.

It got me thinking and perhaps there is a story that can be written from this. . .

Imagine as time pass and less and less people believe and observe the festival of Hungry Ghosts.  Imagine the first year when nobody bothers to observe the rites and the gates are opened and the hungry ghosts come out for their annual feasts only to find that there is nothing to eat. . .

What happens then?  Perhaps they will seek an alternative form of food since none is being offered up.  Perhaps poltergeist activity will become rampant.  Possessions?

I am not a wordsmith so this story will remain half formed for now.  We can wait for the first year and see what happens.

September 11, 2009


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Does retail therapy work when you are feeling down?  It does for me most of the time.  Sitting down and looking at my latest acquisition of the moment however, makes me wonder which way life is heading at the moment.  Do I really need these things?  Probably not.  Just another new item / toy / gadget to feed my many interest which I keep jumping from one to another.

We seem to go through life just buying stuff whose ultimate fate is to end up lying around the house.  How many purchases have been made saying that they are important and needed but is ultimately used regularly over the years?  We just clog up whatever limited space we have with all the stuff we buy and end up feeling cramped and uncomfortable.  Yet, when it comes time to throw things away, we often do not because the things were expensive or ‘is worth something now’ and we continue leaving with all the ‘treasures’ (junk) from our past.

September 5, 2009

Colours of the Office

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Some of the colors that I see often at the office (especially when I look in the mirror) 🙂

Blue – at the prospect of having to work at [enter your own company’s name here]

Red – with anger and frustration after having to deal with the latest round of idiocy from your staff / colleague / boss

White – with fear at having to see the boss when he / she is in a bad mood especially when you have just messed up of have to deliver bad news.

and the latest. . .

Green – with envy of those who have found a job at a better place (they and I hope) and can leave this place.

September 2, 2009

Ion and Ice-Cream Buffet

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Just went to the Ion, the new shopping centre at Orchard Road.  Didn’t have time to walk around much but did take the time to walk around the food floor at B4.  Pretty interesting and had lots of yummy looking food which I did not have the opportunity to try.

The main reason I was there was because the family wanted to try out the ice cream buffet that Swenson’s has been advertising.  It was $12+ for adults and $9+ for kids if you order food as well (main dish).  You do have a pretty fair selection of ice cream and there were cakes, dark and white chocolate fountains, waffles and toppings.  What disappointed me was that when I was going for the first round of ice-cream, I heard the server tell the guy in front of me that the durian flavour was out of stock.  When it was my turn, I asked for sticky chewy chocolate and was told that it was not available today.  Both these flavours were listed as part of the buffet selection on the placemats at our dining table.

Having gotten my ice-cream, I went to get toppings and noticed that the many were low on stock or totally empty.  These were never replenished while I was there.  Even the chocolate fudge ran dry.

There was a plate with a sign marked ‘brownies’ at the buffet as well.  It was empty when I got there and was never filled up as far as I could see.  It was very disappointing considering the heavy advertising that has been done and the fact that it was a new place.

To be fair, they did keep up a steady stream of waffles and I saw them replenishing the fruits for the chocolate fountain just as I was about to leave.

Bottom line – Better off spending a bit more money and having a proper ice cream dessert at Hagen-Daz or some other chain.

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