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October 30, 2009

A Different Perspective

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My father succeeded in mating a pair of canaries recently and we had the opportunity to see the eggs laid and hatched.  We saw the chicks in their nest growing from little wet creatures who could not open their eyes to little birds who craned their necks out for food and who are now rather big and moving about the cage on their own.

Throughout all these stages, I have had my mum and my wife going on about how cute or how amazing they are.  Agreed with them and didn’t think any further about it.  That is until one morning when my daughter told me that she is glad that her grandfather raised the baby birds because it gave her a chance to witness the life cycle first hand.  Wow.  I never looked at it that way and I believe no one else in the family did either.

My daughter has Aspergers.  It makes her different from ‘normal’ children but that is not necessarily a bad thing.  Her view of the world is different and reminds me that there is a different way to view things that we take for granted.


October 23, 2009


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Too many interests, too little time – Again.

Christmas time is coming.  the time for making cards for close friends / family is here again.  Something that I have neglected to do for the past couple of years.  At the same time, I am reminded that I have not been scrapbooking for ages.  My supplies are pretty dated for those in the know.  The list is not done yet – I have awakened my interest in photography again.  Taking lessons to learn how to better use my DSLR beyond the auto function.  This year is one for a family vacation again which means planning, admin details, etc has to be taken care off.

If I just get down to it, I’m sure all this can be done but instead, I get distracted from these tasks by my books, facebook, writing this blog and a myriad of other excuses.  End results seems to be that I end up sitting down and going through the things that needs to be done in an infinite loop instead of simply getting down to the tasks.

I will try my daughter’s method and imagine a giant hand giving me a smack at the back of my head and getting down to work.  (That is if I can stop myself from reading a few more pages of the book that is lying open beside me right now).

October 15, 2009

Guys think about sex every seven seconds?

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Heard on the radio a few times that guys think about sex every seven seconds. {sex} How do they know this?  Do they hook up a monitor to the brain?  Was it a representative sampling? How does it even {sex} work?  Do guys just think the word “sex” or do they think about it in detail?  {sex}  No one has every mentioned how long {sex} guys spends thinking about sex every seven seconds.  Is it a split second?  5 seconds? 10? 30? A minute? {sex}

How do they get any work done if this is true {sex}?  Perhaps that is why they have such short attention {sex} spans?  Perhaps this is how multi-tasking was created.  {sex}.

Jokes aside, I think it is just another label that guys get labelled with and just accept along with all the other unfair baggage (don’t do housework, spends all the time watching soccer, etc).

Well, I am taking a stand here against at least one of these stereotypes and declare that I do not like soccer!   🙂

October 10, 2009

Super Woman

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As I sat down to dinner today, I realised once again what a fantastic woman my wife is and how lucky I am that she agreed to marry me all those years ago.

She actually had to cook three separate types of pasta for dinner.  Angel hair scallop pasta for herself and me, spaghetti carbonara for the boy and macaroni for the girl.  Some days, its a separate dish for each and most days it is at least a dish for the kids and a dish for the adults.  Considering that this is usually done after a hard day’s work, it makes things even more amazing.

Looking at most families today where everyone is working and has a maid, it is more common where the maid cooks.  I have joked before that in the future, home economics classes will no longer teach about cooking and cleaning but more about maid management.  Many of the people I know do not cook.  In view of all this, I consider myself very lucky indeed.

October 4, 2009

Cultural Spread

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I recall reading many years ago that the greatest export by America is its culture.  While I cannot say for sure that it is America’s greatest export, American culture does seem to have spread further and further.  Of course, other cultures has spread as well (Japanese Anime, J-Pop, Korean dramas, K-pop) but not to the extent that American culture has over the years.

It could be that my view is biased as I am a predominantly English speaker compared to others who may be leaning more towards the Chinese language (in which case we would be talking the the Hong Kong serials, etc).  Look around at the movie theaters.  The films which are non-Chinese are mainly American.  Records – American.  Cartoons – American (except for Anime which for many of us are translated via America).  Books – not as much from America but still a pretty strong showing.  TV Shows – American culture is strong enough that Singtel Mio advertises that you will be able to watch shows up to 24 hours after their release in America as one of its drawing points.

Looking back at my youth, most people were not aware about this festival called Halloween.  A purely American holiday.  No relevance to our culture in Singapore at all.  (We already have our ghosts during the seventh lunar month.  How many times are the gates to the other world supposed to happen a year anyway?)  Nevertheless, we have parties celebrating Halloween.  My kids even want to dress up and go trick or treating.  (No way!  I’m afraid that the culture hasn’t spread quite far enough for this.  The older folks who open the door may get a heart attack or be extremely offended.  Not all are aboard but its making its way.)

In the current world we live in, if the easy spread of information and globalization, cross-pollination of cultures and ideas are in a way inevitable I suppose.  Perhaps it is a good idea.  With more acceptance of each other’s culture, it would perhaps lead to less conflict and acceptance.  (Then again, not much evidence of that so far.)

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