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November 27, 2009


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Was told about the following video.  It is something that is very Singaporean.

When I was younger, what was referred to as ‘Modern English’ was known to me as the Queen’s English.  I suppose that was because it originated from England which was ruled over by the Queen or perhaps it was due to the colonial history of Singapore.

While most of us speak proper English, the fact of the matter is that we often do not.  We only think that we do.  The most common error that I see (and make) is one of using the sentence structure of another language such as Mandarin when speaking.  This cuts both ways with the sentence structure used for English being transposed when speaking Mandarin.

I have always thought that the one person on Earth who will never get the English language wrong would be the Queen or King of England (since it is afterall the Queen’s English).  What would happen if there was ever a day that the ruling monarch of England speaks English incorrectly (God forbid)?  Does it mean that he or she is wrong or that the rest of the world is?


November 18, 2009

Of Hot Pants and Dirty Old Men

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Read the article in the Sunday Times (15 Nov 09) on the trend of ladies wearing hot pants more frequently and to more venues these days.  Reasons cited were the hot weather in Singapore and comfort.  Have to say that while there are indeed many ladies wearing very short shorts (counted about five on Monday just walking down from the third floor of Raffles City to the MRT), they were not hot pants in the sense that they were so short and so tight that the butt was spilling out.

Back to the article.  Disadvantage of wearing hot pants – Dirty Old Men (‘DOM).  Cited as the disadvantage as the ladies do not like these DOM looking at their legs.  While I can respect that ladies wear clothes for their own satisfaction, sense of style and comfort and not necessarily for others to view them, I have to wonder why they never complain about the handsome young men that may be admiring them in their clothes (or scarcity of).  Is it because it is okay to look if you are young and handsome but not if you are old and/or ugly?  Or perhaps it is that all men who look at them are immediately considered as dirty old men (even if they are just 18 years old).  I suspect it is the former although I am sure that many ladies will declare that it is the latter.

November 12, 2009

Like Me for Myself

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You see cases where people are attracted to the opposite sex for because of money, power, looks, fame, youth.  You hear as well the refrain that goes in the vein of ‘I want to be liked / loved for who I am.  Not for how I look or how much money I have, etc as all these can fade or disappear’.

It is true that looks, money, fame, power may not last and youth, for certain, will never last.  But what does it mean to be liked for oneself.  What is ‘myself’ in this case?  Is it our personality?  Our intelligence?  Our ability to make others laugh?  While these are harder to lose, it is still possible.  What if I have a stroke and ‘lose’ my personality as a result?  What if I have an accident or a disease that cost me my mind?  Will I still be liked / loved by those I hold dear?  I certainly hope so.

I suppose that when we say that we want to be liked for ourselves, we are saying that we want to be liked / loved no matter what happens to us.  Hence the traditional marriage vow which goes ‘for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health’.  I like to think that I have found someone like that and hope that those who are still looking will too.

November 5, 2009

Unleashing the Beast Within

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Was just thinking about what people mean when they talk about unleashing the beast within.  Are they referring to letting loose the animalistic portion within us?  Was also thinking about why the beast within is usually considered to be some fierce predator, dangerous animal or something savage.  Why isn’t anyone’s beast a rabbit?  Or how about a tortoise?

Unleash the beast within and suddenly you have someone who appears extremely cuddly (and have a strong desire for carrots).  Or how about unleashing the beast within and suddenly starting to …. move….. very…… slowly.   🙂

What is your beast within?

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