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December 24, 2009

Going Solo during Christmas

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I never had problems going out on my own to shop, eat or watch a movie but recently, a night of Christmas shopping at Vivo City made me understand why some people do not like to do it.
I was at Vivo City doing some final Christmas shopping for my wife without much success. Feeling tired and hungry, I decided to go and have dinner. I decided to have a nice dinner at Shin Kushiya, a Japanese restaurant on the second floor. This is a restaurant that I had been to many times on my own previously and never had a problem getting a table. Things were different that night…
I was asked by the waitress whether I wanted a bar seat and I requested for a table. The waitress was leading me further into the restaurant when we met another waitress who was informed that I would like a table. The response given was that tables are for two people only. It is worth pointing out that at that point in time, there was no crowd yet and there was plenty of space. This was, to me, a decision to maximize the space available and discriminating against me because I was alone. At this point, I said “thank you” and left.
Here is the math of the situation. I would have taken perhaps half an hour to an hour tops to have my dinner during which time, the restaurant still had space to fill up. They chose to discriminate against me and alienate me. This result in a very unhappy customer who will now cease to patronize the restaurant regardless of the season unless there is no other choice. I will also cease to bring friends and family to the restaurant or recommend it to others. (Much the opposite). In addition, I do things like blogging about it and mentioning the incident to all my friends. Which is likely to be the larger loss? The lost of one additional seat for an hour or the lost of all future business from a customer that would have otherwise continued returning to the restaurant?


December 20, 2009

Growing Old

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Just came back from a holiday in Japan. Saw the sights and enjoyed myself. Its a nice place to visit although I think that a lot is lost as I do not speak the language and the tour was conducted in Mandarin, which is not my strongest language.

What struck me during the trip is that I am getting old. I have never really thought of myself that way. Old always meant my bosses or my parents. A few things happened during the trip that really stuck to me. The first was when a young man (about 21 years old) called my wife “auntie”. (In Singapore, you generally refer to those that are a generation above you as “uncle” or “auntie” as a sign of respect. Blood relation is not a requirement.) I sniggered a little about this until the next morning when I was walking past another family which had a son that was much taller than me who said “Good morning, uncle.”. Up till then, I only expected people my kids’ age to be calling me that. (Primary school and below.)

The second sign of aging was the fact that I spent most of the trip with my knee aching on one leg and my ankle aching on the other. Made walking and climbing up stairs rather difficult. I reminded myself of my late grandmother in the way I was moving at times.

Finally, I realized during my flight back that my ankle was actually swelling during the flight. This was something that had never ever happened to me before. I realized then that it had actually happened during the trip as well to the extent that my shoes were actually too tight for me.

Well, I am not quite ready to breakdown yet but it is getting clear the I am becoming part of the “uncle” generation.

December 2, 2009

Kid’s Camp

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My daughter is away from home for the first time.  She is attending a brownie camp at her school.  Had to let her go as she needs to be exposed to new experiences and become more independent.  Nevertheless, there are so many things to worry about.  Will she be able to eat properly.  With the hyper-sensitivity of her taste buds linked to her Aspergers, there are so many things that she just cannot tolerate eating which other kids can.  Will she do anything that will alienate her from the other kids despite all our reminders?  Will she be able to sleep away from home?  Will she be bullied?

I know that all parents go through this when their kid goes away from home for the first time and perhaps even when they go away for the second, third, fortieth time.  I know that more often than not, nothing happens and the kid returns safe and happy.  Still cannot help having a little worry deep down inside.  The Aspergers does not help either. 😦

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