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March 17, 2010

The Ugly Game

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There is an arcade game that is hugely popular with the kids in Singapore at present.  Its name is Animal Kaiser.  It is actually quite a cool game.  You basically collect animal and power cards and battle against the machine or another player by using your animal and power cards and stopping a spinner to determine the strength of your attack to see who wins.  My problem is more with the ugly side of people that the game brings out.

During the peak periods (e.g. weekends), you will see huge crowds of children standing there waiting for their turn.  The kids can wait for more than an hour to play.  The reason for this is because there will always be a kid at each machine who will keep playing many games without stopping.  I do not fully blame the kid for doing this because while they are doing this, there will always be an adult guardian standing behind them who constantly supply them with the needed credits to keep playing.  These parents are willfully unaware of the huge crowds of kids waiting for their turn.  If parents behave that way, how do you expect the kids to behave?  The irony of this is that the machine actually has a message asking you to give others a chance.  The message is as useful as a tissue paper in a rainstorm.  I was at Genting Highlands recently and my kid was waiting behind this child whose father kept coming to top up the machine with enough credits for several games at a time.  This was repeated ad nauseam.  We finally gave up and waited at another machine.

The game brings out the ugliness in me as well and I really dislike having to bring my kids to the arcade to play this game.  I normally ask them to stop playing after a couple of games if I see others waiting for a turn.  After facing the long wait, I end up with the kiasu attitude that my kids should play more games as they had to wait such a long time for their turn and just playing one or two games after waiting such a long time is not worth it.  This leads to a vicious cycle I suppose.  This is actually leading to times when parents actually encourage kids to play more games.  Considering that the game is quite expensive, it is actually quite amazing and the winner is the game operator who rakes in the money.


March 3, 2010

Sound Sensitivity

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Ever since our daughter was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, my wife and I have been looking at each other to see who has the same traits that she has.  At present, I am in the lead.

One of the possible traits of people with Aspergers Syndrome is a high sensitivity to noise that they did not cause themselves.  (e.g. they are ok with loud music that they are playing but cannot tolerate a similar noise level from the surrounding environment.)  Lately, I find that my sensitivity to noise appears rather high.  I get very frustrated in a high noise environment especially when many people are speaking loudly at once.  This is posing a problem for me as the kids and wife seems to have to talk extremely loudly at home.  I am finding it painful but if I say something, I will be painted as the bad guy again.

I was never one for loud sounds.  While people would love to crank up the volume of their computer games, I was fine with low or no sound.  Of course that is no longer possible in today’s games as sounds often offer up cues as to what is happening off-screen.

All this noise is making me bad-tempered.  The next thing on my list of issues will probably be having people tell me that I have anger management issues.    Arrgh!

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