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January 24, 2012


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‘The only thing constant in life is change.’  This is something that has been said over and over again but remains true nonetheless.

Change happens every day and some are sudden and some happen gradually over time.  The gradual changes are easy to handle as they tend to creep up on us over time and we simply adapt to it until one fine day when we look back and realised that things have changed.  We may feel happiness or regret at that point but in all likelihood, we would have adapted and accepted the changes.

Our reaction to sudden changes are more varied.  I suppose it depends on whether we are the ones who desired the change or it has been forced upon us.  Changes that we desired, such as starting a new job or moving to a new home can feel us with excitement and energy.  To embrace the new that is lying in front of us.  Conversely, changes that are forced upon us, such as retrenchment or death in the family can cause us to loose energy and focus or even devastate us emotionally.

I anticipate having to move out of the home that I have been staying in for more than two decades.  It is the home that I kids know.  Unfortunately, this change has been forced upon us and barring unforeseen circumstances, will take place.  Besides the concern about logistical matters that need to be addressed, I find myself waxing nostalgic over the regular places that we frequent in the neighbourhood.  The supermarket which we have always thought to be one of the best around, the tuition centres that my kids go to, the market that we buy breakfast from once a week,  I have not even settled where I will staying in the future but am already missing some of the places.

I naturally try to tell myself about the positive points such as getting away from the madness that is the weekend traffic, getting away from the stray cats the neighbours feeds and other things.  There IS two sides to the coin.

Change – can live without it, must live with it.


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