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September 2, 2009

Ion and Ice-Cream Buffet

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Just went to the Ion, the new shopping centre at Orchard Road.  Didn’t have time to walk around much but did take the time to walk around the food floor at B4.  Pretty interesting and had lots of yummy looking food which I did not have the opportunity to try.

The main reason I was there was because the family wanted to try out the ice cream buffet that Swenson’s has been advertising.  It was $12+ for adults and $9+ for kids if you order food as well (main dish).  You do have a pretty fair selection of ice cream and there were cakes, dark and white chocolate fountains, waffles and toppings.  What disappointed me was that when I was going for the first round of ice-cream, I heard the server tell the guy in front of me that the durian flavour was out of stock.  When it was my turn, I asked for sticky chewy chocolate and was told that it was not available today.  Both these flavours were listed as part of the buffet selection on the placemats at our dining table.

Having gotten my ice-cream, I went to get toppings and noticed that the many were low on stock or totally empty.  These were never replenished while I was there.  Even the chocolate fudge ran dry.

There was a plate with a sign marked ‘brownies’ at the buffet as well.  It was empty when I got there and was never filled up as far as I could see.  It was very disappointing considering the heavy advertising that has been done and the fact that it was a new place.

To be fair, they did keep up a steady stream of waffles and I saw them replenishing the fruits for the chocolate fountain just as I was about to leave.

Bottom line – Better off spending a bit more money and having a proper ice cream dessert at Hagen-Daz or some other chain.


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