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November 27, 2009


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Was told about the following video.  It is something that is very Singaporean.

When I was younger, what was referred to as ‘Modern English’ was known to me as the Queen’s English.  I suppose that was because it originated from England which was ruled over by the Queen or perhaps it was due to the colonial history of Singapore.

While most of us speak proper English, the fact of the matter is that we often do not.  We only think that we do.  The most common error that I see (and make) is one of using the sentence structure of another language such as Mandarin when speaking.  This cuts both ways with the sentence structure used for English being transposed when speaking Mandarin.

I have always thought that the one person on Earth who will never get the English language wrong would be the Queen or King of England (since it is afterall the Queen’s English).  What would happen if there was ever a day that the ruling monarch of England speaks English incorrectly (God forbid)?  Does it mean that he or she is wrong or that the rest of the world is?


October 15, 2009

Guys think about sex every seven seconds?

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Heard on the radio a few times that guys think about sex every seven seconds. {sex} How do they know this?  Do they hook up a monitor to the brain?  Was it a representative sampling? How does it even {sex} work?  Do guys just think the word “sex” or do they think about it in detail?  {sex}  No one has every mentioned how long {sex} guys spends thinking about sex every seven seconds.  Is it a split second?  5 seconds? 10? 30? A minute? {sex}

How do they get any work done if this is true {sex}?  Perhaps that is why they have such short attention {sex} spans?  Perhaps this is how multi-tasking was created.  {sex}.

Jokes aside, I think it is just another label that guys get labelled with and just accept along with all the other unfair baggage (don’t do housework, spends all the time watching soccer, etc).

Well, I am taking a stand here against at least one of these stereotypes and declare that I do not like soccer!   🙂

August 2, 2009


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Just found a video clip on Youtube showing Hossan Leong.  The clip is two years old and I only saw it now!  It plays to the tune of Billy Joel’s ‘We didn’t start the fire’ and hits the highlights of Singapore history / culture.  Remember the Hello Kitty Craze at MacDonalds?

What strikes me is how he was able to note all the little cultural points and weave it together.  Wish I could be as creative

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