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September 14, 2009


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My kid wanted to go down to the park to play with his lantern this evening but we did not go down because we were not sure whether it was still the month of the Hungry Ghosts and playing with lanterns may attract the wrong type of attention.

Strange that we would think this way but I guess the culture still exists.

It got me thinking and perhaps there is a story that can be written from this. . .

Imagine as time pass and less and less people believe and observe the festival of Hungry Ghosts.  Imagine the first year when nobody bothers to observe the rites and the gates are opened and the hungry ghosts come out for their annual feasts only to find that there is nothing to eat. . .

What happens then?  Perhaps they will seek an alternative form of food since none is being offered up.  Perhaps poltergeist activity will become rampant.  Possessions?

I am not a wordsmith so this story will remain half formed for now.  We can wait for the first year and see what happens.


August 18, 2009


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Excerpt from “The Fifth Elephant” by Terry Pratchett (one of the best writers of fantasy humor I have ever read).

In this scene, the lead character, Commander Vimes, is having his first conversation with the King (to be) of the Dwarves.

‘In here is a record of every marriage, every birth, every death, every movement of a dwarf from one mine to another, the succession of the king of each mine, every dwarf’s progress through k’zakra, mining claims, the history of famous axes . . . and other matters of note,’ said a voice behind him. ‘And perhaps most importantly, every decision made under dwarf law for fifteen hundred years is written down in this room, look you.’

Vimes turned.  A dwarf, short even by dwarf standards, was standing behind him.  He seemed to be expecting a reply.

‘Er, every decision?’

‘Oh, yes.’

‘Er, were they all good?’ said Vimes.

‘The important thing is that they were all made.’ said the King.

This part of the story stuck me when I first read it and it still remains with me.  We are faced with decisions each and everyday of our lives.  From simple ones like what are we going to have for breakfast to major ones like whether to continue with our current job.  It would be nice if all the decisions that we make are good ones.  (I wish all of mine were.)  It would be nice if we had all the time in the world to deliberate and ponder before we make a decision but unfortunately, that is not possible either.  Many times, we try to put our decisions off on the basis that the problem will solve itself.  Sometimes that is true and I have to admit I do take this way out at times.  More often than not however, I feel that we have to face the reality before us and make the best decision we can based on the facts before us.  Perhaps it may be the wrong one but at least it was made which I feel is better than leaving things in limbo.

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