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September 14, 2009


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My kid wanted to go down to the park to play with his lantern this evening but we did not go down because we were not sure whether it was still the month of the Hungry Ghosts and playing with lanterns may attract the wrong type of attention.

Strange that we would think this way but I guess the culture still exists.

It got me thinking and perhaps there is a story that can be written from this. . .

Imagine as time pass and less and less people believe and observe the festival of Hungry Ghosts.  Imagine the first year when nobody bothers to observe the rites and the gates are opened and the hungry ghosts come out for their annual feasts only to find that there is nothing to eat. . .

What happens then?  Perhaps they will seek an alternative form of food since none is being offered up.  Perhaps poltergeist activity will become rampant.  Possessions?

I am not a wordsmith so this story will remain half formed for now.  We can wait for the first year and see what happens.


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