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December 14, 2011

Professional Behaviour

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I find the word ‘professional’ other than in the sense of describing a person belong to a profession to be a sign that things have gone down the drain when it is used in the office.  This is especially so when it is used to describe behaviour.  The only time that I see phrases like ‘I will be professional about it’ or ‘ behave professionally’ is when relationships has soured to the point when it has become necessary to hide behind this vague unwritten rules of conduct.  It means that a normal amicable working relationship has gone so far south that it is no longer truly possible to work together.

What is ‘professional behavior’?  To me, it means getting the job done properly whilst maintaining a polite facade.  To me, it does not mean that cordial relationship exists.  Being polite and being cordial are two different things.  Being professional means getting my job done.  It means that I am able to ask the necessary questions and document whatever failings that I come across.  Anyone who pushes me to the point where I have to behave professionally towards them should ensure that they do their jobs correctly as being professional frees me from emotions such as compassion and empathy.  All that matters is that the job gets done.

I do not like having to behave professionally.  It is extremely strenuous and is probably bad for my career as well.  I much prefer to just get things done.  I have received good advice that I should behave in a more cordial manner towards those who have tried to destroy my reputation and career.  After all, their plans had backfired and my interpretation of ‘professional behavior’ has more junior people worried as they do not have the reason behind my sudden change in behaviour.  Good advice.  Sound advice.  My problem is that I am a straight forward person when it comes to friend / foe identification.  It is extremely hard for me to pretend that one is the other once a certain line has been crossed.  Sigh.

In the end, we all have to pay the consequences of our actions.  I need to struggle past my inability to smile in the face of two-faced, back-stabbing %!#$!@#$% before I start paying a price for it which I cannot afford.


April 5, 2010


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I have tendered my resignation to my current employer and am serving out the last couple of days of my notice period.  This is the first time in my life where I can actually hand over all the items before I leave.

I am giving up quite a bit by leaving.  My annual bonus, my friends and colleagues, my nice office, my secretary.  In return, I am going to a job where I am likely not to have a office but more likely a cubicle, no personal secretary and where I am no longer the top guy in my department.  Makes one wonder why I am leaving.

Part of it is longer term planning as I decide to resume my professional career instead of remaining as a administrator and people manager.  Another part of it is a chance to start afresh and perhaps reinvent myself again to be better.  It is an opportunity to improve without any baggage from the current job.  When I took my current job, my work personality underwent a tremendous change to the extent that where I was once considered grouchy, I am now more of a people person (at least compared to the past).  Moving forward to my new job, I hope to become more efficient and improve further on my management skills.

Looking back, I do not regret having taken up my current job and even deciding to switch careers from accounting to administration.  I have had a chance to try doing things here that I would not have been able to otherwise.  The chance to oversee administration and to manage a huge team of people.  Nevertheless, it is time to move on.  I am always reminded of the song at the end of each episode of “Bear and the Big Blue House” whenever I have to say goodbye.  “Goodbye, goodbye.  Good friends, goodbye.  For now its time to go.

I can’t tell what my new job will be really like.  Whether my new boss will be one that is easy to work for or whether my colleagues will be nice people.  For now, however, there is hope.

February 2, 2010

Of Responsibility and Cheapskates

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This entry is a bit of a rant. Just have to try and get it out of my system.

I would think that if a person signs out a piece of company property, said person is responsible for it. If it is lost (and I mean by negligence and not due to a robbery, burglary or other disasters), I would think that the right thing to do is to replace it out of your own pocket. Isn’t that taking responsibility for things that you are entrusted with? As an officer of the company, is it not your duty?

I have a high level officer in my company who has signed out for equipment with accessories.  He has lost one of the accessories and now expects the company to replace it for him.  After many hints that he should pay for the item out his own pocket, he still doesn’t get it. He had the audacity to tell me that he would use his departmental budget to purchase the item for him (that is still company money!).  He feels that such accessories (such as the detachable power adaptor) are ‘consumables’ and should be replaced if damaged or lost.  How can he not be able to tell the difference between damage from wear & tear and losing an item?!  He feels that is is ok so long as it does not happen all the time.  I finally had to tell him up front that I considered leaving things behind as being “irresponsible” and that I expect him to pay for the item himself.

The item in question cost less than $100.  If this was a junior staff, I would have had a little bit more sympathy but being one of the higher ranking officers and earning several thousand (?) dollars a month?  Perhaps that is how he expects to get richer, by making the company provide everything for him.  Still can’t get over what a ******* and cheapskate this person is.

September 5, 2009

Colours of the Office

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Some of the colors that I see often at the office (especially when I look in the mirror) 🙂

Blue – at the prospect of having to work at [enter your own company’s name here]

Red – with anger and frustration after having to deal with the latest round of idiocy from your staff / colleague / boss

White – with fear at having to see the boss when he / she is in a bad mood especially when you have just messed up of have to deliver bad news.

and the latest. . .

Green – with envy of those who have found a job at a better place (they and I hope) and can leave this place.

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